A SaaS platform hosted on the cloud providing Commercial management Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

The platform is relevant for companies with a turnover of £100 thousand to £100 million.

econsys platform helps you with GRC of the following Commercial management discipline:

  1. Enquiries, Proposals, Quotations and Tenders for works and services.
  2. Management Reporting
  3. Commercial & Contractual Issues
  4. Budget & Forecasting
  5. Tendering & Pricing
  6. Project Financial Performance
  7. Project Delivery Strategy
  8. Planning & Implementation
  9. Supply Chain Management.
  10. Taking responsibility for the effective flow of information
  11. Application of knowledge and understanding gained through experience
  12. Contract Management from order acceptance to archive, including:
    • a. Management of margin variance
    • b. Payment Applications and cash receipt
    • c. Procurement and Management of Sub-Contractors
    • d. Contract Negotiation & Contract Agreement with clients.
    • e. Contract Administration (Main Contracts & Sub-Contracts)
    • f. After sales and liability periods
    • g. Completion confirmation


With our flexible subscription option and simplicity in onboarding, you are up and running in 2-3 weeks and fully immersed in 4-6 weeks.

Once fully onboarded, the savings on your operational management costs more than cover the subscription cost of the platform and with no CAPEX and long term license agreement and flexible subscription models, the benefits of using the platform is evident in a short period of time.