ASQ Solutions is a convergence of Commercial management Good practice and Contemporary technologies. This convergence has led to products and services that provide a comprehensive solution for companies to manage and improve their Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in a very cost effective and time efficient manner.

Based in London and with Global footprints, ASQ is helping SMEs particularly Specialist contractors in the UK Construction Industry to manage and improve their Commercial management practice through Technology Platform and Consulting and Advisory Services.

With over 25 years of Industry Experience and customer centric services and innovation, ASQ Management team members have partnered with companies across the globe in implementing good Commercial management practices and adopt technology helping them grow their revenues, streamline work process and reduce inefficiencies.

With the mission to simplify GRC in Commercial management, we have built a technology platform that is provided on a Software as a Service basis deployed on state of the art cloud platform to manage and improve your Commercial management practise and contracting risk profile. We are also continually developing an eco-system with our offerings that help you manage your complete business challenges from advisory to technology.